Logic Media Marketing LLC

Powerful Productions from concept to completion

Services Offered


We operate on a project basis. From consulting to a complete media
marketing program. Our broadcast work has aired in all 50 states.
Logic Media has produced over 100 radio shows with several syndicated.
Since 1997, we have produced thousands of commercials and other creative
production for our clients.


Radio/ Media Buys

You tell us what market you want to be in and or demographic

you are trying to reach. We make the buy accordingly to best suit

the needs of your Business.


Radio Production

Lots of people dream of doing their own Radio show across the country.

Their goal is to promote information globally on how their product/ and

or information can benefit peoples lives. Over the past 15 years, Logic Media

has played a role in making that dream a reality for many. If you feel you

have a great idea for a Radio Show and would like to be behind the

microphone feel free to contact us and we will check the availability of time

slots and rates in your area.


We can review and guide you through this process. Logic Media has built
strong relationships with our affiliates throughout the years. These relationships
enable us to open doors in radio broadcast throughout the country, Satellite Radio,
and Cable digital radio television and exposure on the internet



We can handle all of your Advertising needs at Logic Media.

(Television, Radio, Print, etc.)We have been fortunate to have formed

partnerships with experienced and credible individuals and companies

over the years. Giving us full confidence to work with these professionals

on your behalf.


Produce and Create Radio Infomercials / Commercials

It’s easy! We record the content of your infomercial.
Then through editing and completing production with Intro/Out music;
you have an infomercial promoting your product and or service. The files's
range between 30-60 mintues in length and are in MP3 or audio version.